Standard Residential inspection

A home inspection is an objective visual non-destructive examination of the systems and structure of a home, from the roof to the foundation. The inspector typically spends 3 to 5 hours performing a thorough, visual, functional and operational inspection of the many mechanical and structural components of the home. The time is dependent upon the size and complexity of the home.

The inspection includes an evaluation of such important elements as: Foundation, Roof, Attic, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Air Conditioning, Appliances, etc. Having a home inspected is similar to getting a physical check-up. If a problem or symptom is discovered, the inspector may recommend further evaluation.

We can help you understand important issues relating to your home and will communicate that to you. We are sensitive to the emotions present during the transaction and know that the timely delivery of the message is as important as its content. When discussing problems, we may suggest solutions and maintenance programs. We will offer valuable information giving you greater confidence in negotiations. We strongly urge the prospective buyer to be present for the walk through at the end of the inspection. By being present, you will have a far greater understanding of your new home and the report.

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